Human Medicine Safe for Dogs

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Did you know that there is some human medicine that dog’s can have? There’s not many, but in a pinch they can really help alleviate your dog’s symptoms. Follow the dosage listed below very closely as dog metabolisms are not the same as humans. Also if your dog is kinda in between doses, always go with the lower dose just to be safe.

Bendadryl – relieves allergies | 1/2 mg per lbs every 8 hours.

Buffered aspirin – helps with pain and reduces fevers | 5 mg per lbs every 12 hours.
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – induces vomiting | 10ml orally every 15 minutes do not exceed 3 times.
Kaopectate – relieves diarrhea | 1ml per lbs every 2 hours.
Pepto Bismol –  relieves diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach, anti-gas | 1 tsp per 20 lbs every 6 hours.

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