DIY Edible Apple Kong

Copy Rebecca Blankenship

We aren’t sure to call this a DIY or a recipe…? Either way your dog is going to love it, and you’re going to love how simple it is! This kong dog toy is completely edible, delicious, and healthy. BONUS – you likely already have these ingredients in your kitchen, so why no try it today?

You’ll Need

One Granny Smith Apple **
An apple corer.
Dog friendly peanut butter.

How to make

1. Make sure you wash the apple thoroughly and peel off the sticker!
2. Corer the apple, make sure the core and all the seeds are removed for your dogs safety.
3. Stuff the core with peanut butter! OR whatever filling you would like. (Cheese would be great too!)

** We like to use Granny Smith apples as they contain the lowest amount of sugars. But you can use whatever apples you have on hand.

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