Welcome to PAWLOGICS

Hi there! Here on PAWLOGICS you will find everything from cruelty free shopping guides, healthy treats, product reviews, clever DIYs and much much more. We at PAWLOGICS love featuring local indie shops, and also the bigger brands too! But we have one rule, everything has to be cruelty-free. Since starting in 2015 we have become an international resource for cruelty free and pet friendly life, an honor we hope to keep going for years to come!

When we started back in 2015 we had the mind set of sharing our knowledge on just dog related products and training. But why stop there? Soon we started featuring cats, then from there we decided to celebrate all furry pawed creatures. We believe your pet is an important part of your life - and we strive to give you the best.

Meet the Team

Rebecca is a writer, designer, wife, devoted mom and fur-mom. After working as a office manager in a large pet food company she decided that was not her calling, she wanted a creative way to share her knowledge and love for animals. Staring at inventory levels, spreadsheets, and creating the odd flyer was not cutting it. She created PAWLOGICS in 2015 as a humble little wordpress blog as her platform.

A little ways down the road Rebecca met a roadblock writers block and decided focusing a blog around just dogs was far to narrow minded. There are tons of furry pets that need to be celebrated not just dogs! So with the relaunch and move of her wordpress blog she vouched that PAWLOGICS would not only be for dogs, but for animal cruelty free lifestyle - and all things furry!
Oswald, also known as Ozzie, Oz, or cat is our resident expert on all things treat or food related. He's never tried food that he's turned his nose up (yes including lettuce!).