7 Essentials for Traveling with a Dog

Some dogs handle travel like a champ, other dog’s need help along the way! The most important thing to remember when traveling with your pup, is safety. Not only their safety, but your safety and the safety of other’s around you. If that means going the long way around, or making the one extra pee break, it will be worth it in the end! You will be much less stressed and so will you’re dog. Another great thing when traveling with a dog, is always be prepared. If you’re flying, and you can keep your dog with you in the cabin, are you ready for a delay on the tarmac? Or if you’re road tripping with your pup, and your dog gets an injury, do you have a first aid kit? All these things may seem small but when put together they can help conquer any travel day!

1. Car seat Hammock

Before contemplating what kind of hammock you should get, let me say. Make sure it is waterproof! Not water resistant. These are the kind I really like, but there are plenty out there on the market to choose from! Just look for one that has durable seams, machine washable and waterproof.

A car seat hammock creates a space just for your dog in the car, they can lay down, turn around, sit down, all without the fear of tumbling or falling down in to the foot wells of the vehicle. For all my pups I like the full seat hammocks. They easily attach to the front and back on the seats creating a little hammock for the dogs to lay in and rest. Not only do they create a safe place for your dog to lay down in, it also protects your car from dog hair, nails and all the drool that comes along!

2. Car Harness and Seat Belt Attachment

When I discovered a soft front car harness, it changed how my dogs rode in the car from then on. I’d slip Ginny’s car harness on, get her sitting in the middle on the back seat, thread the car seat belt through the harness back loop, buckle her in and pull the child restraint lock. Ginny loved her harness so much, she could lean into the harness and it would support her, and turning corners she would no longer flop around.

There are also seat belt attachments for smaller dogs less than 80lbs, they are similar to the car harness except the seat belt attachment is just that. It has a portion of the harness that clips into the actual seat belt plug so it secured your pup that way. Either way, they are so so useful and much safer than having your dog loose in your car. They can get so badly hurt in a car accident, even ejected out of the vehicle!

3. Leash

Now this seems pretty no brainer. But I can say I have been caught in sticky situations without a leash, and I have seen other people in the airport trying to navigate while holding onto their dogs collar as they have forgotten a leash. Now I just keep a spare leash in the back compartment of my SUV just in case, leashes have many uses other than just being a leash.

4. Poop Bags

Who’s been there before, stuck between a hard spot and a rock while we watch our dog poop in horror as we realize we have no poop bags.  It might have been you just ran out of them in the dispenser on the leash, or you reached into your walking pouch and there’s none. It’s happened to us all. But on travel day, make sure to throw an extra roll into your bag!

5. Water and Food Bowl Combo

This will keep all your dog’s water, treat and food safely and securely stored till needed! I found it was the best so far for absolutely no drips or leakage. On top of that, I really liked the bowl feature and how it folds flat. It really helps to save space when flying, make sure going through TSA that there is no water in the bottle though! I now keep this awesome bottle in our travel bag to take on our longer walks.

6. First Aid Kit

Much like the leash, this one is a major essential. It can be a lifesaver literally in some bad situations, it will give you the peace of mind that you can administer first aid to your pup to stabilize their injuries.

7. Wet Wipes

Last but definitely not least, wet wipes. I have a pouch of these everywhere around me! Each row in my SUV has one, including the trunk, my purse has a small pouch, my travel bags, everywhere I keep them! They are so handy in any situation. Where its wiping up muddy paws, a bathroom accident, or left over drool from a treat. I cannot imagine traveling without them.

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