6 Ways How Dogs Show Love

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We often show affection to our dogs by hanging out together, petting them, hugs and kisses, talking to them, spoiling them and so on. But do you know how dogs reciprocate the love? Sometimes dogs appreciate and like our kisses and snuggles, other dogs just put up with it.

So how do dogs actually show their love?

1. Nuzzling
Dogs will poke their nose into your elbow, on your thigh wherever and burrow and rub against you slightly. It’s their way of showing they are happy and content you are with them!

Ginny use to do this frequently if I was sitting working on something, she would walk right up, stick her head or rather force her way onto my elbow and just sit their wagging her tail drooling on me. It was her way of saying hi and I love you, what are you doing? Pet me please.

2. Resting next to you
Some independent dogs wont always give you clear affection signs. Rather if you notice them always sleeping at your feet, or beside you on the couch. That’s their way of showing their love for you!

George and Ginny, even though not independent dogs, where ever I am, whatever room I am in (including the bathroom) they had to follow me and flop down at my feet. Even if I was coming right back, just grabbing a glass of water they would get up follow me through the house than go right back to where they were.

3. Play!
Since dogs bond with humans through play,  he or she will initiate play like tug of war or fetch. George always brings me his huge JW Cuz for me to throw into the air and him catch. Neither of my dogs ever play fetch, they just look at me like you threw it you go get it. I have more luck with Oswald then those two.

However it is important to note, some dogs are showing their affection, other are attention seekers. It’s not always the case, but some dogs will just want attention. They might be sitting next you pawing, whimpering, or barking.

4. Tail wags
A dogs tail can show a number of emotions ranging from happiness to fear and fright. A dog with a tail wagging, and a loose wiggly body usually means the dog is happy and content.

5. Licking
Some dogs show affection by licking us, George only does this when he’s accidentally ‘hurt’ one of us during playtime. Grabbed the wrong end of the rope, or dropped the bone on our toes. This can be a learned behaviour from another dog, or something that we encourage. For George it was a learned behaviour from watching Ginny play with us.

6. What about jumping?
I tend to see a lot of little dogs that bounce at the side of their owner like a rabbit. Now some people think its cute, but it’s not something most of us appreciate! Especially if that dog is anything bigger than 15lbs.

I’ve always discouraged jumping up onto people, it’s not a behaviour I want in my large breed dogs. They could easily knock someone over! However this is typically how dogs greet one another.

What are some other ways you’ve noticed how dogs show love?




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