40 Fun Things to in the Summer with your Dog

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Summer is almost here, and as the days get longer there’s more daylight to spend outside with your pets! Have you thought of how to make this the best summer? Always remember to play safe in the sun as dogs are prone to sun stroke too and watch for the symptoms.

Checkout this list of 40 fun activities to involve your whole family and your dog!

  1. Pack a picnic for you and your dog.
  2. Take your dog to the lake.
  3. Enjoy a nap together beneath a tree.
  4. Find out if any baseball teams in your area have a dog day.
  5. Set up a pup photo session in the wildflowers.
  6. Make a homemade frozen treat–for you and your dog.
  7. Dine together at a patio restaurant.
  8. Enjoy a hike you’ve always meant to take.
  9. Enjoy a weenie roast at a campfire.
  10. Take a selfie together at sunrise.
  11. Visit your local pet supply store with your dog.
  12. Vacation at the beach.
  13. Take a photo every day this summer.
  14. Build a sandbox and hide dog treats and chews in the sand.
  15. Take your dog to a “pick your own” orchard.
  16. Dog paddle side by side.
  17. Use a bubble maker to create catnip-scented bubbles for your dog to chase..
  18. Do some stargazing together.
  19. Visit a farmers’ market together.
  20. Create matching bandanas for you both.
  21. Read aloud to your dog.
  22. Play in a sprinkler together.
  23. Teach your dog a new trick.
  24. Buy a new collar in tropical colors.
  25. Play hide and seek.
  26. Draw a picture of your dog.
  27. Take your dog’s paw print.
  28. Take a nose print!
  29. Learn some TTouch to give your dog a massage.
  30. Hire a pro to photograph you and your dog together.
  31. Sign up for a training class.
  32. Make a braided dog toy out of your old t-shirt.
  33. Try a dog sport you’ve never tried before like agility or Treibball.
  34. Go wading.
  35. Go geocaching together.
  36. Camp in your backyard together.
  37. Walk a new route.
  38. Arrange a dog party.
  39. Plan a dog day trip with a friend who has a dog.
  40. Make a photo journal of your summer fun.

Summer is only around for a short while here on the west coast and I always like making the best of it by taking George for walks through the trails then cooling off by dipping in the streams, leave me a comment bellow what your favorite summer activity is!



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