3 Ingredient Frozen Banana Dog Treat

Copy Rebecca Blankenship

Ginny loved crunching on ice cubes, didn’t matter if it was the dead of winter or a sweltering hot day, she loves ice cubes. She’d panic when one would slide beneath the fridge out of her reach even. We always knew if she was starting to feel the summer heat we could give her a few ice cubes to cool down. George on the other hand, hates ice cubes. Has no idea why anyone in their right mind would want to put one in their mouth, it’s just water that’s been frozen…It’s slippery, slimy, and boring.

So one day I saw on TV this nifty dog-cicle maker, had cute little molds and a premade mixture that you just poured into the trays, let it freeze then fed to your dog. I thought about it some more, George loves popsicle (wooden handle included..yikes). So why can’t I make a dog version?


  • 4 cups plain yogurt (make sure to get as low sugar as possible and please no artificial sweetner!)
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 3 ripe bananas


  1.  Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor or by hand with a potato masher.
  2.  Pour into molds. (ice cube trays work very well that’s what I use)
  3. Freeze until firm.

First try at these took awhile for me to get the consistency accurate, if you find you’re is too water or too thick play around till you get it too your liking. I find certain brands of yogurt tend to have higher liquid content then others too.

George now loves his banana ice cubes, especially after long walks and hard play-dates with his friends. In the mornings I sometimes pop 1-2 in his food as a treat. ALSO an added benefit to these frozen treats is if your dog has been experiencing a weak stomach plain yogurt is an awesome tummy aid for dogs!




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