How to Make Dry Shampoo for Dogs

Giving old dogs baths, or baths during the winter for large dogs can be tricky. Normally your options come down to wrestling your dog into the bathtub, or making a trip over to the groomers. Luckily for me George can easily walk over the edge of the tub, but Ginny had more of an issue. So I resorted to using baby powder to prolong her bath times, but I started experimenting to make my own dry shampoo for her.

Source: pawsh-magazine.com
Source: pawsh-magazine.com

I started to use it on George too to absorb his stinky smells which works really well too, dry shampooing has proved to be a good way to get your dog clean fast and without a fuss. You can find commercial dry shampoos from pet stores, but they contain different chemicals but you can make an inexpensive dry shampoo at home using materials you probably already have on hand.

Recipe for Dry Dog Shampoo

The basic recipe uses one cup of one of these ingredients but you can make a smaller batch long as you keep it 1:1.

  • cornstarch
  • flour
  • baby powder
  • unscented talc

I have made a few batches with 1/2 cup of baking soda to deodorize and help loosen the dirt from their coats. I’ve added a few drops of essential oils, but make sure you use organic essential oils you know are safe on dogs!

When you have your ingredients gathered, dump them together in a clean dry glass jar with a metal, screw-top lid. (Old jam jars work well) Close up the lid and shake the ingredients to mix then punch about a half dozen holes in the lid. You’re ready to sprinkle and shampoo!

Before doing the dry shampoo, you’ll want to brush your dog thoroughly, just as you would before any bath. Brush them from head to tail, gently working through any knots with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. I like to do the actual shampooing part either in the bathroom, or somewhere you can easily vacuum up the powder once done. Make sure you keep the powder out of their eyes and nose, I like to sprinkle a bit on my hand then work it into the more sensitive areas.  For the rest of their coat, sprinkle it on and work it in through the layers of their coat, once you get them shampooed up let it sit for five to ten minutes so the shampoo can start to absorb the excess oils, once times up thoroughly brush it out.


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