DIY Dog Treat Mason Jar

In my house hold, George has a tendency to be a treat thief. If there’s a package on the counter, and I go out for an hour or so. Almost guaranteed that treat package will be obliterated, doesn’t help much either putting things higher up as he is a Great Dane on a mission.

Now sometimes Oswald gets a hunkering for treats too, and if he can find his treat bag he will do his best at shredding it open. Which then I swear he invites George to help him clean up the mess. Few weeks ago I put the remaining salvaged treats into a boring plain mason jar and let it sit out on the counter. Sure enough someone…not naming names got it onto the floor but couldn’t get the lid off (trust me for how far that container traveled through the house they tried).

So now sitting on the kitchen counter were two plain boring old mason one filled with cat treats, the other filled with dog treats. With no real way to differentiate between the too, I know more than once the cat got the dog treats and vice versa by guests. Instead of being boring and just writing their names on the lid, I decided to get crafty and hot glue little plastic figurines on top of the kids then spray paint them. My original ones I have since given to a close friend as she fell in love with the dog one, but here are some instructions on how to make your own.

Materials Needed

  • Old mason jars, peanut butter containers, pickle jars, spaghetti jars. – Any jar really you can find with a secure top. 
  • Plastic animal figurines. – I found mine at the dollar store in a tube. The great part about this diy if you’re giving it as a gift you can customize it to look like your friends pet.
  • Hot glue or crazy glue. – In the long run I should have used crazy glue for a cleaner look. But hot glue was the only option I had around the house.
  • Spray paint. – Any color you want will work, just watch when you’re buying it that if you want a glossy look you don’t accidentally buy a matte finish. Metallic paints work great too. 
  • Cardboard or newspaper. – Some sort of material to protect the surface you will be spray painting on top of.


  1. Make sure the jar you are about to use is clean and doesn’t have any residual oils on the lid. The glue won’t adhere as well if there is.
  2. Take either your hot glue, or crazy glue and bit just a bit on the paws of the animal. Then stick them to the lid where you want it to be. Make sure you let the glue fully set before we move on to the next step. I am often guilty of not being patient enough when it comes to glue drying times.
  3. Spread out your cardboard or newspaper over a surface that you feel comfortable painting ontop of. Now depending on your spray pain it might take several coats or only one. Make sure you read the directions and allow each layer to dry before you paint a new one.
  4. Once the lid is fully dried, you now have a nifty new pet treat holder. It makes an awesome gift for any pet parent. But dot stop at just dogs or cats as the jar lid toppers, you can use any plastic figurine you want. Dinosaurs, giraffes, anything you can get ahold of really!

The awesome bonus of this DIY treat holder is the fact it is completely dishwasher safe (if you use peanut butter jars I would be leer sending them through the dishwasher). Just make sure to not send the lid through the dishwasher, but instead hand wash it. You wouldn’t want a rogue plastic figurine flying around in there. Now you just need some yummy treats to fill the container with, check out these awesome homemade biscuit recipes! 

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