10 Ways to Have a Dog and a Clean Home

I love all my pets dearly, but the mess they make…. I prefer a clean home. Any dog owner will totally get the constant struggle for a clean home. Whether is footprints across the freshly washed floors, hair and fur clinging to furniture, or a trail of water leading away from the water station. There is always something going on!

However, it is possible to keep the mess under control! Here’s a list of my top ten favourite tips.

1. Robotic Vacuum.

Who ever designed these life savors is my hero! I had one several years ago before it bit the dust, I loved it then, and my ferrets loved to ride it! But in all honesty, these are a huge time saver, just set the vacuum to a schedule and let it do the work for you. Even when you’re out doing errands, your vacuum is at home doing the work for you. This is my number one tip for sure! It felt like I could vacuum 3 times a day (no kidding I use to) and turn around and there was still dirt and hair. Now my vacuum keeps my floors clean for me! Check out our recommendations on robotic vacuums under $100.

2. Lint Rollers.

Every pet owner has a lint roller collection. I keep one everywhere, inside the coffee table, the car, my closet, and even the laundry room. It is the perfect tool for tackling lamp shades, throw pillows, overstuffed furniture and pretty much anywhere fur will land.

3. Nail Trims.

Now I know nail trimming isn’t for everyone and a lot of dogs do not like the sensation of their nails being trimmed. The clickety-clack Wilma’s nails make on my hardwood floors are an instant reminder that it’s time for a pedicure day! Without regular maintenance nails will keep growing and growing, not only does it become painful for your pup, your furniture and flooring will start to suffer as well!

Kitties need their nails trimmed too! Charles become a velcro cat if his nails get to long, and out of them all. Charles’ nails has caused the most damage to my furniture. But I still love him, and thankfully he is really good about his nails being trimmed. These are the trimmers I use and I love them he hardly even notices it when its cuddle time and pedicure time!

4. Stain Remover.

Since Charles having his constipation episodes, I’ve had to learn the fast and hard way what the best pet stain remover is for white carpets! When I’m in a pinch, baking soda and vinegar works well, but it doesn’t kill the enzymes like Puracy Natural Stain Remover does.

5. Wipe their Paws.

Having 2 door mats and each door really has helped cut down on Wilma’s muddy prints throughout the house. But on the really wet days, when I let her in I have to wipe down each paw before I let her come prancing through onto my new white carpets. I recommend also having a exterior mat outside, and a good dirt collecting rug on the inside. We have these at each of our doors and its staggering the amount of sand, dirt, grass, everything they collect.

6. Cover up.

Charles loves this one corner of the bed, only the one side never the other side. I got tired of having to wash the whole bedding every 3 days due to all the cat hair. Then it dawned on me, why not cover my bedding with a blanket of his own! Since doing that, it has greatly saved me from having to wash my big comforter every few days, and my washing machine is much happier! If your pup sleeps on your couch and you’re tired of all the hair, just throw and old sheet over it! I frequently do this when Wilma is in a bed shedding week.

7. Messy Eaters.

I thought Wilma was a messy eater, boy was I wrong. Charles is the worst offender. So much so I wonder how he managed to get food splatter halfway up the walls near his bowl. For the crumbs and kibbles though, using a place mat with a lip helps keep the mess contained! Now if only I could find a way to protect the walls…

8. Smelly Offenders.

It’s a given that having pets in your home, your going to have days where your home smells like your pet! Room deodorizers are going to be a huge help here, whether it is candles, wax melts, room defusers, oil diffusers, or linen spray – it’s going to help!

On top of all that, try to get your windows open once a week. It will really help air out the stuffiness and pet smells. I like to keep my windows open in the mornings, then in the evenings I close them all and light my favourite candle on the stove! Keeps my whole living area smelling nice until bedtime.

9. Durable Materials.

When we first bought our couch, I wanted leather. I wanted leather so bad, I hated my beautiful slate coloured canvas couch. It collected dog hair like nobodies business, showed slime, drool, cat hair everything. But 3 years now with this couch, I can whip those cushion covers off and throw them through the washing machine. Charles scratches a few threads loose? I can trim them down and no one can tell. Moral of the story, buy durable furniture. Buy durable materials!

Your pets love is worth much more than stressing over a new stain, or an accident on a rug! When picking out new bedding, furniture,  or rugs, think about the long term and how well they will stand up to abuse.

10. Wash their Beds.

Wilma gets her bed washed once a week in hot water. Why? Cause her bed is one of the biggest offenders for smells! Also all that loose fur gets tracked around the house, and the dust too!


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