10 Best Cruelty Free and Vegan Body Wash

Unpacking all the moving boxes, and sorting where everything is going into the new home. Has got me thinking of a mini series I would like to share weekly! Everyday cruelty free necessities! This week we are starting it off with soap, but more particularly body wash. Everybody uses some form of soap to wash their bodies with, why not insure that it's cruelty free? Making the switch is surprisingly easy, and good for you!

The products featured in this post are explicitly cruelty free and most are vegan as well. It's important for me to find brands that are recognize for their conscious effort in making animal lives better as well as being less harmful on the earth. Almost all products below are certified by Caring Consumer and Leaping Bunny.

Here's a convenient list of all the common body wash brands that are not cruelty free.

Bath & Body Works
Irish Springs
Johnson Johnson
   Old Spice
    Soft Soap
    St. Ives

Finally here is my round up of Top 10 Cruelty Free and Vegan Body washes! Most of these products are actually drug store finds that are reasonably priced, with a few luxury products thrown in for those extra special pampering showers.

1. Nature's Gate

Nature’s Gate ingredient philosophy is that we formulate with natural plant and fruit extracts, essential oils, and sustainably harvested herbs to deliver clean, natural and safe products from hair to toes.

2. Shea Moisture

Formulated with certified organic Shea Butter and other good-for-you ingredients that soothe, soften, and promote healthy skin. Contains an array of vitamins and antioxidants that are excellent for problem skin. Contains: Baobab Oil, Rose Extract, Shea Butter.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap

This moisturizing bar soap offers organic and vegan ingredients for a rich, emollient lather. It is ideal for washing your body or face.

4. Mayfair Bodywash + Bubble Bath

Cleanse the day and start renewed. This creamy, pearlescent formula gently cleanses while leaving skin soft and lightly scented. It can also be used to create a sumptuous bubble bath for extra pampering.
For each purchase a donation is made to Starlight Children’s Foundation to help improve the quality of life for kids and families around the US.

4. MARLOWE. No. 102 Men's Body Scrub Soap

A deep-cleansing, exfoliating body soap using gentle pumice to scrub away dryness for smooth, clean skin. Our scrub soap bar is lightly scented with agarwood, followed by balance of sandalwood and musk. Suitable for all skin types in the bath or shower, and because it contains glycerin, it's gentle on dry or sensitive skin.

5. Mrs. Meyer´s Clean Day Body Wash

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Body Wash is a fresh and fragrant cleanser that gives your body the soothing, refreshing wash it deserves. Softens with Aloe Vera Gel, and a unique blend of essential oils, including flaxseed oil.

6. Puracy Natural Body Wash

Coconut-based cleansers create rich, luxurious foam; clinical-grade moisturizers hydrate; sea salt purifies and balances; 100% clean rinsing; citrus & sea salt: Sun-ripened citrus groves with a gentle breeze of ocean air

7. Love Beauty And Planet Body Wash

This relaxing Argan oil and lavender body wash is made with no sulfate cleansers, no parabens, and is infused with plant-based cleansers, leaving you and the planet a little more beautiful.

8. Method Moisturizing Body Wash

This relaxing Argan oil and lavender body wash is made with no sulfate cleansers, no parabens, and is infused with plant-based cleansers, leaving you and the planet a little more beautiful.

10. Andalou Naturals Body Wash

This skin conditioning gel blends emollient rich rosehip and argan oils with coconut water and gentle, cleansing botanicals for fresh, healthy looking skin. Vitalizing mandarin vanilla delights the senses as superfruit antioxidants and ultra-hydrating aloe vera help protect and uplift skin’s moisture barrier for an invigorating, all-over body treatment.

Hopefully you enjoyed that list and got some inspiration! If you enjoyed this weeks guide, check out these other Cruelty Free & Vegan Necessities guide:
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